Illustration by Sarah Aldrich via Procreate

Welcome to Big Taurus Energy!

I was born April 23, 1991 in Danbury, Connecticut, which makes me a Taurus sun, Virgo moon and Libra rising. Since I was young, I have felt a deep connection to the spiritual world, and I spent my early years as a little Taurus bull baby stubbornly carving my own path. Discovering astrology was a turning point for me in my life. The more I learn about it, the more I learn about myself, the world and the universe as a whole.

My approach to astrological readings is compassionate and down-to-earth. Above all else, the goal of Big Taurus Energy is to help people understand astrology and to help them see how they can use it to make sense of who they are, how they relate to others and what’s going on in the world. I think it’s one of the most ancient and powerful tools that we have.

My astrological education comes through years of reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos and more (you can see a growing list here).

I also recently completed an astrology course led by Carly Sensenbrenner of Terraloka Wellness and Pamela Picard of Reiki Medical. To deepen my tarot studies, I am also taking the Tarot Readers’ Academy’s Master the Tarot 2021 intensive that will end in a certification.

If you would like to learn more about your birth chart, or how specific things that are happening right now could affect you, please contact me here.