Mars in Taurus: Steadier times ahead, but good luck getting things started

Taurus the bull [Illustration by me via Procreate]

Mars transits are an endless source of fascination to me. Since Mars is so much about energy, drive and determination, its movements can tell us a lot about tangible things that will actually happen.

Mars has been in Aries since last summer, going through a retrograde period in the fall before hitting the final degrees of Aries on Jan. 6. Now the warrior planet, which rules Aries, is in Taurus as of 5:26 p.m. Wednesday, and that means that drive and work ethic are about to take a much more steady, measured approach.

But before we talk about Taurus, first, let’s discuss what happened in the U.S. in the last few hours of Mars in Aries, on Jan. 6, 2021.

There was an attempted coup d’etat at the U.S. Capitol building while members of Congress certified Joe Biden’s electoral college win. A mob, incited by the sitting President of the United States, stormed the Capitol, breaking windows, stealing from offices and even causing violence and death. It was a shocking and horrifying day in U.S. history, and I still can’t really even believe that it happened.

I watched it live on CNN, and I was yelling at the TV, “how are they getting into the building?!” It was beyond scary, but to be fully honest, it wasn’t really a surprise that something like this happened, since the events of the past four to five years basically laid the groundwork for it. What was a surprise to me was that they were able to so easily breach the Capitol.

Anyway, at its core, Mars in Taurus is tenacious and hardworking. Like the bull that represents the fixed earth sign itself, Mars in Taurus will continue to push ahead no matter what.

You could literally probably throw the contents of your recycling bin at a Mars in Taurus person to try to distract them from what they’re doing and they probably wouldn’t even react. You’re not going to find a more solid foundation than that.

The one complicating factor is that Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and eccentricity, is also in Taurus. It’s retrograde right now. As I write this, on Sunday, Jan. 10, it’s at six degrees and Mars is at one degree, and in astrology, anything within 10 degrees is a conjunction.

Here you have Mars, the ultimate assertor, and Uranus, which is all about individuality, freedom and sudden changes. Sounds like a pretty revolutionary combination, right? Right.

This transit means big surprises are in order. It’s basically a guarantee of rebellion and for impulsive action. On the more positive side, it’s a good time to create a new and innovative project, according to the book “Planets in Transit” by Robert Hand.

This makes sense considering some of the stuff we’ve seen happen in the U.S. over the past few days. With Mars and Uranus both in Taurus, it also makes sense that these impulsive actions are focused around Taurean matters, like morals and values.

Right now, social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and many others are reevaluating themselves, and questioning what their values are, and they seem to be deciding that allowing inciting misinformation under the guise of free speech is not one of them. Especially with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, which rules technology, I think it makes sense that these are the things we are grappling with as a society right now.

Uranus aside, one of the issues with Mars in Taurus is it’s a tough one to get started. Once you get them going, you’re good, but your effort to actually get them to do anything in the first place might have to be rather Herculean. Taurus certainly likes to take its time. I would know.

Mars will stay in Taurus until March 3, when it moves into the fun, flirty, communicative sign of Gemini. Until then, be prepared for anything, my friends.

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