The Great Mutation – 150 ish years of Jupiter/Saturn meetups in air signs

Aquarius, the water bearer. Today the Great Conjunction begins a 150-year cycle through air signs. [“Zodiac sign of AQUARIUS in a 15th century manuscript” by Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0]

Today begins a new 150-year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions in air signs. Since 1802, the “greater benefic” (Jupiter) and the “greater malefic” (Saturn) have met up every 20 years in earth signs, with the exception of a flirtation with the air sign of Libra in 1982.

Think about it. Jupiter and Saturn have been meeting up in earth signs for more than 200 years. And over that last 200 years, earth sign values have been front and center – industrialization, financial systems, building government, land ownership, materialism and having things.

How fitting is it that at the end of one of the most crucial and devastating years in world history that we may be moving away from the materialistic old world order, and into a much more intellectually and technologically focused new world order, with about 150 years of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in air signs to look forward to.

I say intellectually and technologically because that’s what air signs are all about. This first Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in air signs is in Aquarius, which is the sign that rules electricity and technology.

I think astrologer Maren Altman said it best when she said in her YouTube video on the Great Conjunction (called the “Great Mutation,” in this case, because we’re switching elements) that we probably haven’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to technological advancements — expect a lot more of that in the years to come.

What else? Well, we know that knowledge is power more than ever … and by knowledge I mean our data. As Jessica Lanyadoo said on “Ghost of a Podcast” this week, we are able to use social media sites and search engines for free because WE are the product. I feel like our data — rather than, say, our property or even the size of our bank accounts — will become our most valuable commodity in this new age.

Maybe we will start to see people more for what’s in their head and how they use that to help society rather than the way they look? That might be a bit of a stretch, but I think we’re seeing that already. People seem to be much more conscious this year as a result of COVID. Yes, I’m sure the Kardashians are still selling out every makeup launch they put out there. But there does seem to be more of a desire to shop small and reward people with big, new, interesting ideas.

Maybe that’s still a little too earthy, though. But as I alluded to before, it is kind of poetic that at the end of such a strange year, we’re ushering in a new world order. But it is obviously so, so needed. Let’s just hope it hurries up and gets here so the 318,000+ COVID death toll can stop once and for all.

Here’s a video of me talking about Saturn!

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