Mars is about to go backwards!

There’s that red planet! [Christian Lischka via Unsplash]

You’ve heard of Mercury retrograde. You may have even heard about Venus retrograde — especially since we just had one a few months ago. But there’s another, a more, dare I say, hot-headed planet that is about to go in reverse for two months — and it’s possible that stuff could get really, truly crazy.

Mars, the bright red warrior planet, is currently preparing to go retrograde for about two months in its favorite sign, Aries. With the warrior out of its regular commission, chaos could ensue.

Well, maybe not chaos. I don’t want to be an alarmist here. But things are definitely about to shake up and get potentially even more interesting, whether we like it or not.

Mars goes into retrograde in Aries on Sept. 9, at 28 degrees of the zodiac’s first sign. It goes backwards until Nov. 13 (after the U.S. presidential election, I might add), at which point it will be back at 15 degrees Aries and then start moving forward again, according to Cafe Astrology.

On July 25, Mars hit 15 degrees Aries, which means since then it’s been in its pre-retrograde shadow. It won’t be out of that shadow until early next year on Jan. 2.

Isn’t that weird? It won’t be until after the Times Square ball drops that Mars will be back to where it was July 25. More than five months will have passed but for Mars it will be like no time has passed at all.

When any planet goes retrograde, its’ a time to slow down and reassess. During Venus retrograde we evaluate relationship patterns and what we value, and Mercury retrograde helps us reevaluate how we communicate and think, among other things. Mars retrograde helps us evaluate our drive, how we take action and get things done, because the old ways aren’t working anymore.

The last time Mars was in retrograde was in Aquarius and Capricorn in June through August of 2018. Think back to that time. What were the major themes or points of confusion? Try to think about that and let those themes influence how you approach the upcoming Mars retrograde.

Personally, I can remember using a Capricorn approach to problems during that last Mars retrograde, and by Capricorn approach I mean approaching tasks or goals by working diligently, step by step, and expecting things to work out. But if you’re putting your energy into something that is wrong, it doesn’t matter how diligently you go about the steps. It’s still not going to work.

Keep in mind, however, that Mars is in Aries this time. Veeery different than Capricorn.

Aries are great starters, but not great finishers. Hell, they sometimes don’t even stick around long enough for the middle part. Something to think about is, what are you starting but not following through with, and how is that working out for you? Maybe instead of starting multiple new projects at once, stick to just one project and really see it through. Executing on an idea is sometimes even more important than the idea itself.

And don’t be afraid to think about that mutable sign energy when you’re reevaluating how you take action during Mars retrograde. Mutable signs, like Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo are all about adding the finishing touches.

We will start the retrograde during Virgo season, after all, and figuring out how to wrap things up nicely in a bow, or add that last accessory or garnish, shows that you went above and beyond. Try to appreciate how good it feels to finish something as nicely as possible.

There’s your overview, now on to the horoscope! I’m going to do a quick rundown of the general themes of Mars retrograde for each individual rising sign. This is very general, as I said, and to get a more specific reading, I recommend looking up your birth chart and seeing which house (or houses) Aries rules in your chart.

Remember, Mars is retrograding from 28 degrees Aries to 15 degrees, so pay close attention to how the retrograde impacts those degrees of Aries in your own chart. Also, what planets is Mars interacting with in your chart at those degrees of Aries?

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from Mars retrograde in Aries, based on your rising sign (or ascendant). **THIS HAS BEEN FIXED, I HAD SOME OF THE HOUSES MIXED UP BEFORE**

As always, you can contact me and I’ll be happy to walk through the themes of Mars retrograde in your chart specifically.

Aries risings can expect to deal with issues related to how they express themselves and what version of themselves they want the world to see.

Taurus risings will reevaluate how they recharge, what they need when they’re in private and how they approach spirituality and their emotions.

Gemini risings will have to take a look at their approach to friendships and how they’re contributing to society as a whole.

Cancer risings will have to reevaluate their feelings and approach to their public positions and career.

Leo risings will have their approach to philosophy, learning, religion and world travel challenged.

Virgo risings will be confronted with issues of legacy, sexuality, death and anything to do with the occult.

Libra risings will deal with issues of partnerships and what it means to come together with another person.

Scorpio risings might have to take a second look at how they go about their everyday routines.

Sagittarius risings may have to take a look at the way they express themselves creatively.

Capricorn risings might have to deal with childhood issues or trauma, to question what home means to them and try a different way of relating to home.

Aquarius risings will have to reevaluate their approach to communication, learning and possibly transportation and local travel.

Pisces risings will have the way they deal with money, finance and personal possessions challenged.

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